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Oct 28
Day 10: Frascati

01 Saint Peter's Cathedral in Frascati.jpgToday we drove to the town of Frascati where we had Mass at Saint Peter's Cathedral. After visiting very ornate basilicas, the interior of this cathedral seemed to be quite bare. We were sad to learn that this was because the Germans had occupied the town of Frascati during WWII, and the Americans had bombed this cathedral. The façade remained intact but the interior was destroyed.

After Mass we walked down the cobblestone streets to Castelli Romani, a lovely restaurant up on a hill with a panoramic view of Rome below. As we walked in the door we were handed glasses of wine and our plates were filled with delicious food for tasting. After eating, we were invited to go to the cooking stations to learn how to cook authentic Italian food.

09 Cooking Fettuccini.jpgThe first item was Fettuccini made from just flour and eggs. We mixed the ingredients together with our hands and formed a ball of dough. Then we were given rolling pins and rolled it out. After drying for 10 minutes, we rolled the dough in on itself and sliced it to make the pasta. We moved on to the cooking station where we measured handfuls of Pecorino Romano cheese into a mixing bowl. After we added the freshly ground Moroccan pepper, and a scoop of the boiling pasta water we stirred this mixture and set it aside. We added the pasta to the boiling pot of water and after cooking for only 2 minutes, we drained the pasta and mixed it in with the cheese. Yum!

We also made Focaccia Bread, and a torte for desert. It was a fun and relaxing day.

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