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Oct 29
Day 11: Rome

07 Reception After Mass.jpgToday we began our final day of the pilgrimage with Mass at Saint Patrick's Catholic American Community in Rome. Bishop Malesic's homily reminded us that we live in the house we build, or in other words, we reap what we sow. Following the Mass we were invited to a reception at the church hosted by the Felician Sisters.  Sister Anita, a Felician Sister from Mount Pleasant, was so happy to greet us all.

10 throwing coins in Trevi Fountain_twitter.jpgAfter the reception, we drove to central Rome for a walking tour with our local guides. Historic sites of interest included Trevi Fountain, Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. After the 3 hour tour, we all had lunch on our own, and enjoyed free time to explore anything we wanted. Some walked to to La Botticella (the Steeler Bar in Rome), the Spanish Steps, Santa Maria del Popolo, The Coloseum, The Forum, or Saint Peter's Basilica, and some went back to the hotel to rest and pack their suitcases.

19 Farewell Dinner.jpgWe all met back at the hotel for the drive to Checco dello Scapicolo, a restaurant outside the city center for our farewell dinner. The pilgrims enjoyed a wonderful meal and were treated to live music and dancing. The perfect ending to our spiritual and cultural pilgrimage to Italy.

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