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Below you'll find the latest news relevant to the Diocese of Greensburg. You can also find more news in The Catholic Accent.

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5/31/2020Bishop Malesic responds to death of George Floyd
5/21/2020Msgr. Donald J. Mondello, priest of the Diocese of Greensburg for nearly 60 years, dies at age 86
5/18/2020Capuchin Franciscans to establish community in Indiana, provide pastoral ministry to parishes, IUP
12/13/2019Father Henry S. Preneta, retired priest of the Diocese of Greensburg, dies at 93
11/25/2019Father Ronald J. Rutkowski, retired priest of the Diocese of Greensburg, dies at 82
10/17/2019Diocese of Greensburg reports on Survivors’ Compensation Fund
10/14/2019Msgr. Michael W. Matusak, retired priest of the diocese, dies at age 69
10/6/2019Father William J. Kiel, high school biology teacher who became a priest, dies at age 76
10/4/2019Update on Father Joseph Bonafed
6/13/2019In Memoriam Father Thomas M. Lukac Father Lukac passed away June 13. He was 81 and a priest for 56 years.