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Changes Announced for Diocese of Greensburg Winter CYO Athletics Due to COVID-19

      In consultation with Diocesan Principals, the Diocese of Greensburg Office of Catholic Schools has made the decision to continue to offer in-house athletic programing for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year while opting to forgo the traditional CYO competitive basketball and volleyball seasons due to continuing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Schools typically offering CYO sports intend to provide a variety of athletic opportunities as interest and facility availability allow, acknowledging the benefits that come from participation in sports.The type of in-house athletic program offered is at the discretion of the Catholic school principal.

      All involved in this decision continue to acknowledge the importance of sports for our youth, but our first priority continues to be education, which the administrators feel is best accomplished with in-person instruction.

      As with all other decisions made involving sports, this one does not come lightly. The Diocese of Greensburg remains committed to providing a faith-based education, combined with academic excellence, while at the same time protecting the health and safety of our students.


The CYO Athletics program of the Diocese of Greensburg is open to parishioners of the diocese and students currently enrolled in its Catholic schools.  The goal of the CYO program is to teach youth about sports, competition and good sportsmanship consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church while promoting an inclusive, developmentally-oriented youth sports culture. 

The CYO Athletics program currently offers the following athletic opportunities:

  • Co-Ed Cross Country (Fall)
  • Girls Basketball (Fall)
  • Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • Girls Cheerleading
  • Co-Ed Soccer (Spring)
  • Girls Volleyball (Spring)
All teams participating in the CYO Athletics program must be sponsored by a Catholic school in the Diocese of Greensburg, a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Greensburg or a diocesan approved consolidation of schools and/or parish. 

Please contact your local Catholic school principal or your parish pastor for more information.

The CYO Athletics Handbook outlines the structure and functions that guide the planning and implementation of the diocesan athletic program.  You can download a copy of the handbook here


All participants in the CYO program must be registered and active members of a Catholic parish or Catholic school in the Diocese of Greensburg. All parishioner participants must be enrolled in, and regularly attending, the parish religious education program for the entire school year.

The parish pastor must verify this enrollment and activity status with a signature on the participant's Consent Form. All athletes must meet the age, grade and other requirements of the particular CYO athletic program in which they play. Additional participant information can be found in the CYO Handbook of Policies.

All participants and parents/guardians must complete and submit the documents in the list of Participant and Parent/Guardian Forms to the parish/school before being permitted to participate in CYO Athletics. Forms must be retained at the school/parish.

 Participants and Parent/Guardian Forms

​Consent Form (to be completed by Parent, Physician, and Pastor/Principal)
​Understanding of Risk of Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Form (to be read and signed by student-athlete and parent/guardian)
Be familiar with the nature and risk of concussion and traumatic brain injury while participating in interscholastic athletics.
​Warning Signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Acknowledgement Form (to be read and signed by student-athlete and parent/guardian)
​Player Code of Conduct (to be read and signed by student-athlete)
Parent Code of Conduct (to be read and signed by parent/guardian)


The goal of the CYO program is to teach youth about sports, competition and good sportsmanship consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church while promoting an inclusive, developmentally-oriented youth sports culture. Coaches must be constantly aware of the tremendous influence they have on their players and should use this opportunity to always set a positive Christian example.

It is the responsibility of the schools, parishes and diocesan administration to ensure that our student athletes receive the highest quality coaching available, and that the coach demonstrates a positive influence to all student athletes on the team.

All CYO teams must have a diocesan approved, volunteer coach that is at least 21 years of age. A coach must be present with the team at all games and practices, and is responsible for the team's conduct.

Prior to discharging any duties, a coach is required to complete all diocesan required clearances and trainings and must complete all forms required by the PIAA.

 Coaching Requirements

​PA Criminal History Record Check
Submit a PA criminal history record check.
​Child Abuse History
Complete the PA and federal child abuse history check.
​FBI Fingerprints
Visit the instructions for FBI Fingerprinting. All applicants must register prior to going to the fingerprint site.
VIRTUS Training
Register for a local VIRTUS training or take the online course.
​Mandated Reporter Training
Complete the online Mandated Reporter Training.
Code of Pastoral Conduct
Read and submit a signed Acknowledgement Form.
Act 24 Form
Submit an Arrest/Conviction Report Form.
Code of Conduct for Coaches
Read and sign.
​Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Acknowledgement Form
Download, sign, and review the symptoms and warning signs of SCA.
​Concussion Training
Complete the online Concussion Training.
Play Like a Champion Today Coaches Clinic
Register for an upcoming Play Like a Champion Today Clinic.

 Sports Forms