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 Pathways | Called and Gifted by God for Others

There are different paths a Christian disciple can take in the search to  “understand our own identity.” We must “set out on a journey.” - Pope Francis
Adult Catholic laity are called to fulfill a critical role in an ever changing world where they bear the primary responsibility for evangelization. Pathways represents the Diocese of Greensburg's long-standing commitment to adult faith formatio​n and nurturing mature discipleship. To this end, Pathways participants are invited to explore what it means to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in our own historical time and place; to know the faith, to make it our own, and to share it with others.
Pathways involves twelve evening sessions, three workshops and a closing retreat. The topics are listed in Pathways Brochure 2020-2021.  The workshops address the many callings, different gifts, and roles disciples are called to place in service to the mission of Christ and his Church.  The closing retreat offers participants the opportunity to gather together a final time and reflect upon their Pathways experience, their identity as Christian disciples and how they will continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and be witnesses to the risen Lord. 
Pathways is underwritten in part by The Anselm Fund.​​​

 Certificate of Completion

The Pathways Certificate of Completion is awarded to a participant who has attended all 12 sessions, three workshops, the retreat and paid the course fee in full by the due date of the year of registration. From the year of registration, participants have four years to complete the program without any additional cost. Certificates of Completion are awarded at the retreat. A Pathways Certificate of Completion satisfies all requirements for the basic and permanent certification of diocesan catechists. 

 Pathways Resources

Resource information for current and returning participants is listed below. Returning participants must contact the Office for Faith, Family and Discipleship at 724-837-0901 before making up a class or workshop.

 Courses and Workshop Site


All sessions and workshops are located at St. John.

Date Session
​September 12, 2020
​Called and Gifted Workshop

September 15, 2020

What are the central truths of Scripture?

September 22, 2020

How can we speak about the mystery of God?

September 29, 2020

How do Catholics understand Sacramentality?
​October 10, 2020
​Different Gifts, One Spirit Workshop

October 13, 2020

What is our Catholic story? 

October 20, 2020

How do we image the Church?

October 27, 2020

Why is Liturgy the source and summit of our faith?

March 16, 2021

How do we Pray?

March 23, 2021

How is Family a domestic church?
​April 13, 2021
​What makes a Parish vital?
​April 24, 2021
​Gifted for Others Workshop 
​April 27, 2021
​Why should we care about Catholic Social Teaching?
​May 4, 2021
​Who is Catholic?
​May 11, 2021
​What is Ministry? 
​May 22, 2021

 Financial Assistance

All materials and workshop costs are included.

$150 Registration fee

Participants are encouraged to apply to the Francis Fund to cover the registration fee. Applications for a scholarship for Pathways 2020-2021 from the Francis Fund are due no later than November 3, 2020.

If you application is declined by the Office of Faith, Family and Discipleship, you are responsible for the registration fee.

 Contact Information

​If you have any questions, contact the Office for Faith, Family and Discipleship.


Phone: 724-552-2598